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Typical Diagram of Order Processing System
MyAccounts integration – Thru Importing Orders in various Models
Flexible order import – Direct Server to Server
Order Flow supports a variety of import formats and ingestion mechanisms.
Import using XML or CSV format
Predefined formats for E-Commerce Web Site
Fetch import from remote sources
Custom data transformation
E-Commerce (Shopping Cart) Integration Module
Order Flow features a sophisticated configuration capability allowing you to easily support the workflows that suit your business. There is no need to restrict your business processes to the capabilities of your warehouse systems.
Work Flow
The basic steps required to complete the processing of a new order are usually quite well defined, a typical example might be
Receive the order from shopping cart
Wait until order can be matched with available stock
Assign to appropriate courier service
Pick the order
Print paperwork and pack
Update status in shopping cart
Within the same environment other orders could follow a completely different path:
Receive the order from shopping cart
Split the order into multiple shipments if some stock is unavailable
Each shipment can then be processed in the following steps.
Request that the shopping cart take payment for the relevant line items through the shopping cart payment gateway
Receive payment confirmation from shopping cart
Pick the shipment
Assign to a premium courier service
Validate the delivery address through courier API and produce courier label
Print paperwork and pack.
Update status in shopping cart.
Notify couriers that shipment has been dispatched.
The pick, pack and dispatch process can be optimized by defining suitable workflows for the different types of orders that are received and automatically allocating incoming orders to the appropriate workflow. For example, the client might choose to define the following workflows and handle each differently.
Auto fill Order with Stock Receipt
  Order Flow can be configured to support of incoming stock. This allows stock received in incoming deliveries to be matched with pending orders and immediately packed. Incoming stock items for which there is not an immediate requirement are put away into warehouse locations in the usual way.

System can significantly improve the efficiency of the warehouse by reducing the proportion of items that need to be handled twice. If cross docking is not supported stock will have to be put away into a warehouse location even if it is required by pending orders.
Mixed batches of single line orders
  SKUs required for single line orders can be picked in location sequence using a consolidated picking list or a handheld terminal (PDA), significantly reducing the picking time and distance walked. The stock is then presented to the packer who can scan any item to be taken to a packing screen to print the courier label and paperwork before marking the order as packed and scanning the next item.
Batches of single item orders for the same SKU
  If the client order profile includes a significant proportion of single item orders for specific SKUs Order Flow can be configured to group these orders into single SKU batches. All the orders in a batch will then be for the same SKU. This batch type is very quick to pick as all the associated orders require the same item.
Batches of multi-line orders
  Stock for multi-line orders can be picked to order using picking notes or handheld terminals (HHTs), the packer can then scan the barcode reference on the picking note to navigate to the packing screen where the required paperwork and label can be produced.
Orders for products identified as requiring careful packaging
  Orders for products that are identified as requiring special handling can be grouped and processed together. All of the examples given above can be sub-divided further so that orders are grouped by Priority, courier option, postal sort group or any other order attribute. The configuration of the required workflows will be done as part of the implementation of the client System.
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 The software you wrote for us is amazing. It saved our IT department a lot of headaches and time. We needed something that would work quickly, on a variety of Report and More quick Dashboards, since 8 years with you and we enjoyed Service which u offered us.
 The software you wrote for us is amazing. It saved our IT department a lot of headaches and time. We needed something that would work quickly, on a variety of Report and More quick Dashboards, since 8 years with you and we enjoyed Service which u offered us.
 myaccounts is powerfull tools .
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