Application Lookup - Cold Storage Solution
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Videos Tutorial - Cold Storage
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Company Information
Branch View
Traders, Farmers View
Stock View
Application Setup
Bussiness Days, Company Information Setup
Users & Users Privileges
Configuration of Server & Client
Book Closings, New Year Opening
Financial Accounting
General Accounting
Account Receivables & Payables
Cheques & BRS
Final Reports with BI Options
SMS Alert - Collection & Payments
Cold Storage Mangement
TR Management (Incoming & Outgoing)
Loan Management
Rent Management
Stock Outstanding Reports
Budget Preparation Report
Loan & Rent Outstanding Reports
Karigar / Agent Management
Karigar / agents masters
Receipt Gold / Issue Gold
Rate Cut in with Balance Account.
Account Settlement.
Warehouse Management
Configuration of Multiple Warehouses
Register Suppliers & Purchase Officers , Control of Purchases and Reduce Loss by way of Dead Stock.
Sub-Packaging, Track the Truck, Stock Transfers to Various Branch’s , Branch Returns
Different Mode of Transfers (Online, File , .CSV, FTP)
Prepare Consolidated Purchase Orders
Delivery System – Using RF ID / Barcodes
Globalized Stock Reports & Requirements.
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