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Company Information – Statics
Branch View – all branches at a Glance and Current Central Sales info.
Customers, Authors, Dealers, Suppliers view – performance and Graphics Representation
Sales & Stock View – Sales and stock with Attribute wise, Performance & Decision concepts
E-Commerce Module Integration & SMS Configuration Tools.
Application Setup
Business Days , Company Information setup
Currency, Decimal (exp. 3decimal) , Location Etc.,
Users and Users Privileges
Configuration of Server and Clients
Warehouse Configuration
E-Commerce service Configuration
Audit Reports About Users
Books Closings, New Year Opening
Format setup(2Dimentional Barcode, RFID Tag Billing, Reports)
Financial Accounting
General Accounting
Account Receivables, Account Payables
Cheque Printing & BRS in Online
Final Reports with BI Options
Authors, Dealers, Suppliers Control Reports
Customers Ageing , Movement Report
Transporter & Courier Accounts
SMS Alert – Collection & Payments
Logistics Management
Courier Compliance
LR Management
Transporters and Travel Bill Management
Goods Moving – Received, Collection, Transit, Received Goods/Balls
Carton ,Container Movement ( in Transit, RF ID Barcode , Closing the Transaction)
Gate pass management – warehouse Level
Key Masters Information for Procurement
12 Attributes for single Product and unlimited data management
Manage Suppliers Order copy’s in Live system
Auto syncs Order and Min/Max Inventory
Re-Packing into cartons, Containers.
Using Barcode / RF ID Control Inventory System
GRN, Purchase Invoice , Against P.O’s, Against DC’s
Live Stock Verification (Physical Stock)
Business formats ( warehouse, Franchise , Shop in Shop)
Books Type, category, authors, Language Based, Publisher, Brand wise matrix Inventory
Bulk Product Update (Attributes, MRP, Discounted Rates, OEM)
Inventory will Classified by authors , Publisher
Control Authors, Publishers, Suppliers – Monitoring closely.
Customer Requirements gather, Configure to Order management system
E- Commerce Orders Inventories
E-Commerce Orders Delivery & Returns inventory
Delivery system – transit Mode
POS Billing
Barcode , 2D barcode , RF ID Based Billing.
Less keys using, fast Check Outs, High Speed.
Centralized Sales Returns – Better Control system
Self Configured Promotional Module
POS –Unlimited Pay modes with Credit Billing
Delivery Challan, Gift Vouchers Management
Complete cash & carry, DC with Billing and cashier Management.
MIS Reports, BI Reports, Graphic Presentation.
E-Commerce – Integration
Online Bookings Integration from Online Server
Pending Carts Details
Pending Delivery & Schedule for delivery
Auto syncs carts & Order Management
SMS Integration with Customers
Email corresponding for concern Departments
Warehouse Management
Configuration of Multiple warehouses
Register Suppliers & Purchase Officers , control of Purchases and reduce Loss by way
of dead stock.
Sub-Packaging, track the truck, Stock Transfers to Various Branch’s , Branch returns
Different Mode of transfers (Online, File , .CSV, FTP)
Prepare Consolidated Purchase orders
Stocks transfer thru – Static IP, FTP
Stock transfer to E-Commerce Bookings
Stock Returns from E-Commerce Bookings
Delivery system – using RF ID / 2D Barcodes
Globalized Stock Reports & Requirements.
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